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Female-Owned Farm Collection


To do our part in celebrating women's achievement, raising awareness against bias, and taking action for equality, we’re highlighting new and exciting flower cultivated by incredible female-owned and operated farms. This limited-time, delivery exclusive bundle offers three delectable strains:

  • Mendo Crumble from Sweet Sisters Farm (26% Indica)
  • The Gossip from Fire Flower Farm (25% Hybrid)
  • Gelato from Agricola Farm (25% Hybrid)

About the farms:

Sweet Sisters Family Farm is a multi-generational farm nestled in a sun-drenched meadow amongst Mendocino Couty’s redwoods. For nearly forty years, the farm has been operating off the grid, producing high-quality, sun-grown cannabis. Sweet Sisters works in harmony with the land with their sustainable growing methods and dedication to growing strains that thrive in the local appellation.

Fire Flower Farm cultivates high-quality cannabis, free of pesticides and chemicals, mindfully, and sustainably grown. By employing an environmentally conscious lifestyle and cultivation practices that utilize solar power and natural resources from their land, Fire Flower believes that allowing the cannabis plant to express itself with minimal inputs and manipulation creates a more authentic and better final product.

Agricola Farm is the first woman-run and owned farm in California to receive a permit. What started as an exploration into cannabis to treat recurring migraines transformed into cultivating sun-grown cannabis with a philosophy: harness nature and the karma of giving more than they take.

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